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ALEXANDER ZAGORINSKY Cello Alexander Zagorinsky is the soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic and bears the title "Honored Artist of Russia". He also is a prizewinner of several national and international music competitions,-among them the ALL- Russian Musical Competition in 1985, the fifth | International Chamber Music Competition in Trapani (Italy) in 1988, and the ninth International Tchaikovsky
Competition in Moscow in 1990.

Zagorinsky was born in Moscow in 1962, graduated from the Moscow Conservatory in 1986 and worked as' probationer-assistant to Prof. Natalia Shakhovskaya until 1988. Since 1991 till 2000 he has been the first concertmaster of the cello-group of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic. Since gy 2000 - cello principal and soloist for the Moscow Chamber t Orchestra (conducted by C. Orbelian). Alexander Zagorinsky teaches music at the Gnessin Academy of Music in Moscow.

He maintains an active concert schedule, appearing in the ^ music halls of Moscow and other Russian cities, as well as' many other countries of the world. He has rich repertoire and excels equally in performing works by classical, romantic and modem composers. Musical reviewers do stress in performance of the musician great temperament, mastership in style, nobility and virtuosity. Many works were recorded by A. Zagorinsky for the Recording House Musical Foundation in Moscow, Russia, c ,g

Zagorinsky is known for his close collaboration withj modem composers and as a first performer of several works by E. Denisov, V. Dashkevich, Yu. Kasparov, A. Rozanblat, A. Shchetynsky (Ukraine), Y. Galperin (France) and some other composers. Together with the brilliant jazz pianist and composer Nikolai Kapustin, he for the first time performed Kapustin's two jazzy sonatas, pieces, ensembles and also for the very first time performed concert for cello with chamber orchestra (Big Hall of Moscow Conservatoire, 2002).

Zagorinsky has performed with many renowned musicians, among them: pianists I. Zhukov, Yu. Rozum, E. Steen-Nokleberg, organist and pianist A. Shmitov, etc. Also he appeared with famous symphony orchestras under conductors V. Sinaisky, Yu. Simonov, K. Orbelian, M.

Ermler, V. Ziva and others.
L S. Rachmaninov Music for cello 41 A. Zagorinsky -A. Shmitov
CD (KTC 1162), "Etcetera", Holland

2. E. Denisov Music for cello
* A. Zagorinsky - A. Shmitov
CD (KTC 1179), "Etcetera"

3. I. Brams Trio for clarinet, cello and piano E. Petrov (clarinet), A. Zagorinsky (cello),
1 V. Pyasetsky (piano)
CD (KTC 1174), "Etcetera"

4. E. Denisov Concert for cello with orchestra
Soloist - A. Zagorinsky
Symphony orchestra of TV "Ostankino", cond. A. Mikhailov
CD (UL 94055), "Vista Vera", Russia 5. 0. Messiaen Quartet "To the end of time"
with participation of A. Zagorinsky (Cello part)
CD (UL 94317), "Vista Vera"

6. A. Tansman Pieces for cello
A. Zagorinsky - A. Shmitov
CD (KTC 1209), "Etcetera"

7. Jewish tunes in the music of the XX century
Among pieces: A. Kopland - Trio "Vitebsk"
Shostakovich -Trio Op. 67
V. Lenzon (piano), A. Bronveiber (violin)
A. Zagorinsky (cello)
CD Moscow, V Lenzon, 2000

8. N. Kapustin 24 Preludes and Fuges for piano Op. 82.
Elegie, Burlesque and Nearly Waltz for cello and piano
Sonata for violin and piano Op. 70
N. Kapustin, A. Zagorinsky, A. Chemov
2 CD (DICC-40001-2), "TRITON", Japan, 2001

9. N. Kapustin Ensembles
CD (DICC-26067), "TRITON", Japan, 2001

10. N. Kapustin Sonata for piano, pieces for cello solo, duet for alt-saxophone and cello
N. Kapustin, A. Zagorinsky, A. Volkov
CD (DICC-26073), "TRITON", Japan, 2002

11. A. Rozenblat Sonata for cello and piano
A. Zagorinsky, N. Tbkarev
CD (DICC-26074), "TRITON", Japan, 2002

12. B. Marcello, A. Vivaldi Sonatas
A. Zagorinsky - A. Shmitov (organ)
CD (CR-012), "Classical Records", Russia, 2003

From remarks:

About performance of Shostakovich^ concert op. 107 in Madrid.

The performance of the soloist Alexander Zagorinsky was undoubtedly of a high class. He managed to communicate with us with brilliant logic and decisiveness, which are possible only at the expense of deep penetration in the composer's score. This is especially well seen in the wide cadence, in which a soloist proved a master of instrumental techniques of the first ran.'
(ABC Madrid, February 4,1992)

About Rachmaninov disc:

This is a great rarity when we can hear real Rachmaninov's but not one more populist performing.' (Olivie Philippona, Compact, France). The players completely reproduce the beauty of these works. Grasping virtuosity can be found in every musical tuning, transforming it to an unprecedented perfection. A number of
Rachmaninov's pieces were recorder on this disc for the first time.' (Ecouter-voir, Belgium-France, November, 1993).
About Denisov disc:
'It's one of my best discs.' (E. Denisov).

About Brams's trio for clarinet, cello and piano:
The trio is given in one of the best readings I have heard.? (American Record Guide, July-August 1994, Max).

About Tansman disc:

This is music that can appear to drift aimlessly in the wrong hands, so it is a particular pleasure to encounter performances of such overwhelming sensitivity and commitment. Zagorinsky and
Shmitov sound spellbound by Tansman's wide-ranging sound world. (Julian Haylock, "Fanfare Magazine", Review CDS, USA, 2001)

About performance of the concert by Haydn in Sweden:
The soloist A. Zagorinsky can be compared with M. Rostropovich. It is the best performance I have ever heard. The last part demonstrated virtuosity and expression of the performer.
After the performance - "bravo" shouting, great feeling, lasting ovation.

(Bemdt Haggbom, "Halsinge Kuriren", March, 6,2001) Composer Denisov aboutA. Zagorinsky:
'I know Alexander Zagorinsky very well as a marvelous and highly professional cellist. He is an intelligent and serious musician. He has a beautiful sound and his playing is vivid and artistic. He deserves the greatest attention and has every reason to render solo concerts and to play as a soloist for an orchestra. Furthermore I like his responsibility and seriousness in work.'
Russia, Moscow Tel/fax: (095)267-2419

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